Frequently Asked Questions


12. Why do I have to purchase one license per user?


Each user has a range of benefits that are not available by "sharing" user names and passwords. Those benefits include:

1 - Users will take pre and posttests as well as intermittent quizzes along the way to help expand the users' knowledge of the information and expand their creativity of how to use the new knowledge and skills. All tests and quizzes are programmed to only be answered once so multiple users will not have this benefit. This educational design aspect of the course is key to enhancing the effectiveness of the program which our research demonstrated was quite effective.
2 - Users will always have access to the website as a resource tool using their personal user name and password - regardless of where they live and work. This benefit is not available if an organization purchases the program to share.
3 - Users have the ability to change their screen name and password in their profile, so it is possible that if multiple users log into the system, anyone of those "shared" users could change the settings at any time and prevent curriculum access to others. This violates the security certificate provided on the website. (User name cannot be changed so that data may be collected on a specific licensed group - without compromising the identity of the user.)
4 - After completing the course, users can submit an email of whomever needs to know they completed the course and also provide their name for a certificate. The certificate will print the SCREEN name and can only receive one name - which cannot be changed.