The Volunteer Advocate Academy is a four -six hour, ten module curriculum dedicated to help adults who work and live with adolescents involved in the child welfare and the court systems. Although this curriculum targets volunteer advocates, others working with teens and transitioning young adults have found the curriculum to be very valuable as well.

National CASA endorses the Volunteer Advocate Academy curriculum as continuing education for working with older youths. 

The VAA curriculum has been research tested with hundreds of users nationally. Research has proven the curriculum effective in enhancing users’ skills for working with adolescents involved in the child welfare and court systems.

System Requirements:
An Internet connection is required to access the online curriculum. A high speed Internet connection is recommended but even a dial up connection should allow users to view the videos once the download is complete. It may take a longer period of time to download the video with a dial-up connection, so be patient. Please also be aware, that using a wireless connection may also require some patience in downloading the videos based on the level of traffic on the wireless connection or your proximity to the source.

Flash is needed to view the videos and Adobe Reader is required to view the Related Content documents.
Users can download these programs from the HOME page. 

User comments can be viewed from the home page. Click refresh on your computer to scroll through the comments a few at a time.

Ways to Use the VAA Curriculum
Because the VAA Curriculum is dynamic and always available as a resource for users, program trainers may choose to use the curriculum in a variety of ways. Click “Ways to Use the VAA Curriculum.” Please also feel free to call us with questions related to your situation.

Please click Course Summary ( also located on the right side of this page) for an annotated summary of the sections within each module, including websites and PDF documents connected to each section.

The Volunteer Advocate Academy was developed by Independent Living Resources, Inc., from Durham, North Carolina and funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development – SBIR Grant #R44HD-054033. Horizon Productions of Durham, North Carolina provided video, web and production assistance.

Scripts and curriculum co-written by William Griffin, Nancy Carter, and Dan Oliver.
Design by Jason Cooper and Horizon Productions Design Team.

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